Alumni want to help students, university and other alumni be successful. Roll up your sleeves and get involved. There are many ways to share your time, talent and treasure. Here are some volunteer opportunities.



Students want to network with alumni through social and technical events. Join in the fun by participating in events set up to connect students and alumni on campus and at student competitions around the country. Watch the Event Calendar for upcoming events.



Each department has identified opportunities for alumni to get involved on campus and help share their expertise with students. Here is a list of volunteer opportunities by Department. (List will be available September 1, 2018)



Are you interested in being a part of a SD Mines Area Chapter and planning alumni events in your area? Check the list of Area Chapters to find the closest one to you.
If there is not an active Area Chapter in your local area, we can help get on started. Contact SD Mines Alumni Association office at 605-394-2347 or alumni@sdsmt.edu for help.



The number one way that students find out about South Dakota Mines and the quality degree you can get at the college is through alumni. Help strenghten the South Dakota Mines network by refering quality candidates. As a South Dakota Mines alum, you understand the importance of attracting the highest caliber students to our school. Refer - A - Student program to come August 2018.



Area Chapters also host Send Offs for incoming first-year students in their hometowns and Welcome Events for new graduates in their new location for their first job. More information to come during Spring 2019.



Students want advice from industry to ensure their organizations are helping to prepare them for their career. Become an industry advisor to a student organization. Volunteer to share your experience and tips on what they need to know. Click here to view the list of Student Organizations.



Be a part of Mines Advantage and share your experience with students. Mines Advantage is a program on campus for the advancement of professional development and leadership for all students. The Mines Advantage Core Competencies are Leadership & Teamwork, Communication, Career Preparation, Personal Development & Ethics, Community Involvement and Cultural & Global Inclusion.
Learn more about Mines Advantage Curriculum

Contact Matt Hanley if you are interested in volunteering to share your knowledge and experience with students.



South Dakota  Mines alumni are known for being hard-working, hands-on, dedicated and humble. We want to hear how your South Dakota Mines experience helped you carry forth these and other traits beyond college. What one college experience most prepared you for success in life? (More information to come August 2018).

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