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Jerry Logan, Mining Engineering 1983

Marty Jackley, Electrical Engineering 1992

Diana Peninger, Chemical Engineering 1986

Doug Stalheim, Metalurgical Engineering 1980

Jackie Sargent, Electrical Engineering 1989

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Dale Bryson, Civil Engineering 1960

Bob Glodowski, Metallurgical Engineering 1967

Mary Himmler, Chemistry 1988

Susan Opp, Electrical Engineering 1985

John Rathbun, Mining Engineering 1984

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Karla Callahan, Chemistry 1976

Daniel Carlson, Chemical Engineering 1977

Michael Ellwein, Chemical Engineering 1961

Barry Granger, Chemical Engineering 1981

Jeff Hohle, Geological Engineering 1978

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Stanley W. Ellis, Math 1974

Walter D. Jones, Electrical Enginnering 1975

Harold D. Nelson, General Engineering 1958

Karen Swindler, Chemical Engineering 1988

Richard Wells, Chemical Engineering 1982

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Laurie W. Chamberlin, Chemical Engineering 1975
Jeanne L. Hull, Civil Engineering 1977
Roger E. Kiel, General Engineering 1958
Robert P. Mudge, Metallurgical Engineering 1976
Lawrence G. Schmaltz, Civil Engineering 1979


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Duane Huston, Chemical Engineering 1966
Donn Lobdell, MechanicalEngineering 1958
Joseph Pekarek, Electrical Engineering 1988
John Sibert, Chemistry 1962
Michael Yeh, M.S. Metorology 1976





D. Sherwin Artus, Geological Engineering 1960
John W. Goth, Metallurgical Engineering 1950
Larry V. Pearson, Mechanical Engineering 1972
Maynard S. Raasch, Chemical Engineering 1937
Thomas J. Zeller Mechanical Engineering 1970



Guardie E. Banister, Metallurgical Engineering 1980
Paul Ching, M.S. Geological Engineering 1973
Richard Frank, Mechanical Engineering 1963
William Pearson, Civil Engineering 1964
Alan Pelton, Metellurgical Engineering 1977



Paul D. Clare, General Engineering 1959
Gregory M. Graves, Mechanical Engineering 1980
Jeremy A. Landt, Electrical Engineering 1964
Dorwin R. Larsen, Mechanical Engineering 1957
Merle R. Symes, Chemical Engineering 1973



James G. Abourezk, Civil Engineering 1961
Randall W. Baker Mining Engineering 1986
John R. Collier, Chemical Engineering 1961
Monte S. Dirks, Metallurgical Engineering 1974
Ronald W. Kiehn, Electrical Engineering 1950



Gary W. Dirks, Chemistry 1973
James A. Green, Mechanical Engineering 1974
Stephen D. Newlin, Civil Engineering 1975
Lowery J. Smith, Geological Engineering 1951



William L. Hughes, Electrical Engineering 1949
Ronald W. Jeitz, Civil Engineering 1969
Roy E. Roadifer, Geological Engineering 1954
C. Dean Starr, Metallurgical Engineering 1943



Braun, Charles L. Chemistry 1959
Chen, Robert I. Electrical Engineering M.S. 1973
Jensen, Tony A. Mining Engineering 1984
Mumm, Clifford G. Chemical Engineering 1973
Swartz, James R. Chemical Engineering 1971



Fuerstenau, Maurice C. Geological Engineering 1955
Martin, James E. Geology 1971
Sander, Duane E. Electrical Engineering 1960
Tlustos, Patrick A. Civil Engineering 1971
Warder, Richard C., Jr. Mechanical Engineering 1958



Bloom, Everett E. Metallurgical Engineering 1963
Echelberger, Wayne F., Jr. Civil Engineering 1956
Flakoll, Thomas J. Electrical Engineering 1968
Liu, Chao-Ning Electrical Engineering 1956
Richardson, Frank H. Geological Engineering 1955



Bad Moccasin, Bruce Civil Engineering 1972
Fuerstenau, Douglas Metallurgical Engineering 1949
Garlick, George F. Electrical Engineering 1958
Miller, Steven P. Electrical Engineering 1969
Nelson, Marlene D. Mechanical Engineering 1974



Brink, Jay A. Electrical Engineering 1956
Dorland, Dianne Chemical Engineering 1969
Landguth, Daniel P. Electrical Engineering 1968
May, William B. Electrical Engineering 1957
Schmidt, Albert D. Electrical Engineering 1949



Dunham, George F. Mechanical Engineering 1956
Dunham, Nancy Ward Electrical Engineering 1957
Kurtenbach, Aelred J. Electrical Engineering 1961
Peterson, Dean M. General Engineering 1954
Tucker, William E. Geological Engineering 1956



Aplan, Frank F. Metallurgical Engineering 1948
Chittick, James V. Chemical Engineering 1963
Reuter, William L. Electrical Engineering 1956
Stephans, Peter N. Electrical Engineering 1968
Veurink, Gary R. Chemical Engineering 1972



Aldrich, Douglas E. Chemical Engineering 1962
Christensen, James M. General Engineering 1957
Flint, Robert V. Metallurgical Engineering 1937
Malone, Thomas F. General Engineering 1940

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